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NORDcanopy kitchen exhaust canopies

help your chefs focus on what they do best: 

creating unparalleled dishes that bring

rave reviews.

ETS NORD kitchen ventilation in 180 degree restaurant run by Matthias Diether. HZ grease hood with ozonator technology.


focus and creativity

Lower mental and physical stress

Facilitate comfort and well-being

Maintain optimal

air temperature


For optimal food hygiene –

temperature, humidity and

air exchange need to be

under control.

In combination with our "AirGrip" technology and

ozone treatment, our aerodynamically designed

kitchen exhaust canopies catch cooking particulates and stop them from spreading into other areas.

Protect food

from contaminants

Reduce dirt accumulation

Reduce air pollution


excessive humidity

aSAP solution offers

fast delivery and reduces

carbon footprint.

Extended life cycle through reuse –

we focus on creating sustainable products

with a long life cycle.

Our modular construction makes it easy to add

or remove modules, thereby enabling the user

to reallocate or modify an existing canopy

system for a new kitchen layout.

70% of restaurants will remodel or changed

their concept in just 5 years time.

The modular and reusable design of ETS NORD kitchen canopies also reduces the financial

risks to restaurant owners. 

Full ventilation system example for restaurant. All necessary components for great indoor comfort and ventilation in commercial kitchen environment
A good kitchen hood is only as good as its ventilation system.
Your commercial kitchen ventilation system should be designed and built by carefully integrating the canopy and ventilation devices, so that air cycles at
optimal efficiency.
HR or HZ grease canopy with front panel air inlet and grease separation for exhaust air.


ETS NORD's canopies will help turn your kitchen into a space
that every chef will love.

NORD canopy standard hoods, a selection from steam hood to grease hood with ozonator system


Extraction canopy overhanging
above the kitchen appliances

Ventilated ceiling is a modular solution for commercial kitchen ventilation

Ventilated ceiling

A comprehensive system 

that suits the most demanding

kitchen layouts

HG pinpoint kitchen hood provides energy savings for high volume cooking in a commercial kitchen environment

Backshelf canopy

A canopy with pinpoint exhaust
high volume cooking

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