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Nord canopy kitchen hoods provide a great indoor environment, with grease filtration for the exhaust air and low velocity fresh air diffusion

comes packed with innovative

solutions and accessories

„AirGrip“ to keep the contamination at bay,

fresh air diffusion on all sides and state-of-the-art

LED lights for the artists who know that each meal

has to be both delicious and aesthetically pleasing.


High-quality stainless steel, smart design and welded exhaust chambers provide the hygiene

and durability of a lifetime.

Grease hood for commercial kitchen envrionment, with grease filters and air inlet form sidest and front panels

AirGrip exhaust capture technology

Ozone technology for fire safety and heat recovery

Less carbon footprint with the aSAP modularity

Easy to clean

stainless steel design

grease filtration is the key element that protects commercial kitchens from fires and keeps the exhaust chamber clean

Our HFK cyclonic filters and HZ ozonator technology take the grease-free ventilation system to the next level by breaking down

even the tiniest grease and odor particles. 

A clean system is what protects you from fires and other hazards. 

Removing airborne microparticles helps you to save energy and money by enabling the use of a heat exchanger to recover heat from kitchen exhaust air.

In a kitchen, size does matter.


For a canopy to function at its full

potential, it should contain enough

space to effectively cycle air.


Just as the perfect al dente pasta requires

a certain amount of water, to be effective,

a kitchen canopy needs to be big enough

to process the right proportion of air.

Correct sizing and selecting the commercial kitchen hoods. Canopy height and with relations
Island type grease hood for commercial kitchens. V-module with extra cyclonic grease filters for the exhaust chamber.

The HR-V and HR-G canopies

can handle appliances with

very high airflow requirements, up

to twice what 

most other standard grease canopies can. 

Grease hood for commercial kitchen, with a extra row of filters for large air volumes.

The HU canopy  is for dishwasher areas.


The unique steam trap system eliminates

water buildup from the dishwasher work area.

Nearby kitchen activities can continue

uninhibited with good air quality and even temperature.

ventilation ceiling is a modular kitchen ventilation solution that provides the exhaust and inlet for indoor environment in a challenging kitchen layout

Ventilated ceiling

A comprehensive system 

that suits the most demanding

kitchen layouts

We're happy to share

more technical information

about our canopies.

HG grillhood or backshelf hood is a low volume pinpoint exhaust system for high volume cooking.

Backshelf canopy

A canopy with pinpoint exhaust for high volume cooking

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